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    Al. F.

    De to lag ’fremstilling’ og ’forestilling’

    Fremstilling – det der står i teksten.

    Forestilling – det historien handler om.


    Aktantmodellen –


    Fokalisering og Genette

    Type                             Autorial                    Aktorial                            Neutral
    (fokal.)                        (0-fokalisering)       (Indre fokalisering)       (Ydre fokalisering)


    Heterodiegetisk       A) Tom Jones           B) Ambassadørerne        C) The Killers

    Homodiegetisk         D) Moby Dick          E) Sult

    What is narrative?

    • Narrativity is independent of the question of fictionality.
    • Narrativity is not coextensive with literature nor the novel.
    • Narrativity is independent of tellability.
    • A narrative is a sign with a signifier (discourse) and a signified (story, mental image, semantic representation). The signifier can have many different semiotic manifestations. It can consist for instance of a verbal act of story-telling (diegetic narration), or of gestures and dialogue performed by actors (mimetic, or dramatic narration).
    • The narrativity of a text is located on the level of the signified. Narrativity should therefore be defined in semantic terms. The definition should be medium-free.
    • Narrativity is a matter of degree. Postmodern novels are less narrative than simple forms such as fables or fairy tales; popular literature is usually more narrative than avant-garde fiction.
    • Narrative representation is constructed by the reader on the basis of the text. Not all texts lend themselves to a narrative interpretation.
    • Narrative representation consists of a world (setting) situated in time, populated by individuals (characters), who participate in actions and happenings (events, plot) and undergo change.
    • The most prominent reason for acting in life is problem-solving. It is therefore the most fundamental narrative pattern.
    • Narrative representations must be thematically unified and logically coherent. Their elements cannot be freely permuted, because they are held together in a sequence by relations of cause and effect, and because temporal order is meaningful. The propositions of a narrative representation must be about a common set of referents (= the characters).


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