Lucy Lee

Walk with me
Lucy lee
We’ll stroll through parks down to the sea
I’ll walk till my shoes gets tired and old
Dear Lucy Lee let both our hearts be bold

Let me take your hand let us stroll
Well dream of sleep while blue waves roll

Talk with me Lucy Lee
We’ll chat about the birds the bees
I’ll talk till my silver tongue turns gray
And when my larynx jumps I’ll kneel and pray

Let me hold your head embrace like lovers do
We’ll dream of a life of me and you

Swim with me
Lucy Lee
Dive into marshmallow seas
This honey flavored love of mine
Needs the love of your own kind

Let me lift you up where every angel cries
We’l dream of flames down where the devil dives

Now kiss me
Lucy Lee
Nibble on the hand that gives you sweets
I would illuminate the skies for you
If you would merely give a glimpse or two

Let me gaze into your eyes till all time stops
We’ll dream of golden fields and amber crops

Notice me
Lucy Lee
I know how blind a pair of eyes can be
I’ve written a dozen of songs for you
but piles of paper doesn’t seem to do

Skriv et svar

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