Fuzzy, curly and deeply satisfying to breath in and out. Sometimes as long and wavy as the rivers in light storms, sometimes short and prickly as summer grass. A dry feel on the tongue a raspy clinging to the teeth, a sound of rain on the window when i let the hairs fall one at a time against each other. A stack of hair would call for a dive, so let yourself sweep off of your feet and dip yourself into pillows of organic comfort a dune of love nurturing you with strains of loving embrace. Let me take that chance and exhale, inhale as I cling myself to your face and dig my nose into the tangled web of dreams as every stand of hair is connected to the outer world and to the inner mystery that is your mind. I’ll climb the tasty ropes and swim for eons in your fantasies never caring for life outside, just listening to your prayers, licking your hopes, lazily rolling around in your giggling thoughts and letting your whimsical conundrums lull me to sleep.

Skriv et svar

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