Crackling sound of metal vibrating up through my nostrils making it almost a smell, as the hairs in my nose gets confused in the near earthquake shattering shaking experience.

A small droplet of blood tickles shyly up upon the canvas of my cavern mouth. Diving into the vast tongue spreading its warm ecstatic taste of iron and its scarlet joy to the kindergarden of my brain.

Liver – hurt. Forehead – hurt – Ribs – snapping.
Shoulder – snapping, in and out and in and out of sockets.
Innards – being hit again and again and again.

Pain jumps, hitchhikes with a small electric signal that starts at every organ, every bone, every nerve and culminates in the kindergarten as firecrackers thrown right in the middel of lunchbreak, just as every child has eaten up and gotten sleepy from exercise, eating and play and BAM. Firecrackers, fireworks and loud, loud noises startle everyone and in an instance a collective deep breath is taken, so deep that all oxygen leaves the dining room, and the breath is released in an excruciating shriek.

Skriv et svar

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