I know why I would buy one.

I know the different situations where I would buy one.

I have sometimes even MADE one myself – with more or less succes. But choosing which one to buy is another matter.

Colors are important, the types of flowers are important, the ‘thingies’ (pine cones, sticks, curly branches) besides the flowers are important and how they are put together are important and I simply have no idea how, which, what or where to begin.

Is it taught in a school, picked up at random or laying somewhere in our blood? This knowledge and technique? Has it anything to do with gender? Has it absolutely nothing to do with gender? I can’t wrap my head around it and trying to confuses me even more.

I don’t even know if I want to know anymore?

Do I want to make a bouquet myself?

Have I at some point been jealous of someone else skills in bouquet arranging?

Will I in the future?

Does this carry any symbolisme?

Me being so confused regarding flowers?

In the end, they are just beautiful and nothing more. Red poppies, blue lilies and yellow sunflowers; all pretty, all flowers, all everything and all just pretty.

Skriv et svar

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